Keido Sportswear
is synonymous with elegance and comfort in the practice
of biking as a sport, whether at the competitive or amateur level.

Keido sportswear s.r.l.
31100 Carbonera (TV) Italy - via Tommaso Salsa, 73
Phone +39 0422 398 514 - Fax +39 0422 699 549

The apparel lines are the product of years of experience acquired in the biking sector, with careful choice of the fabrics and accessories but above all in the styling of the garments to ensure the comfort and elegance of the finished item. The Keido lines reflect the chromatic trends and fit of the fashion in every season, thus also responding to the demands of the world of women.
The company operates on the market with its own apparel lines and as a producer of apparel for a number of the leading brand names in the biking sector.
Continuous in-house study for the development of the lines of apparel combined with a dynamic staff, are the strong points which Keido offers as a commercial partner for the famous brands in the sector.
The company also provides total consultant services to the teams for the production of the both the team apparel and graphics, suggesting optimum solutions in terms of comfort and chromatic effects.